Why Common Erectile Dysfunction Medications Don’t Work For Everyone

Many men who suffer from erectile dysfunction find little to no results or worse, diminished results over time. Studies have shown traditional prescription medications for erectile dysfunction have a 60% failure rate. The pills do work for some men – Viagra, Levitra, Cialis – they work more to hold the blood in the penis. When... Read More

Why Can’t My Regular Doctor Help Me With My Erectile Dysfunction?

This is a common question in the clinic. “How can you help me, when my family physician of 30 years or my urologist has been unsuccessful.” It’s a fair question, but think of this in terms of a restaurant. There are fast food, full service and specialty restaurants. Some restaurants specialize in Mexican or Italian,... Read More

Causes and Treatments For Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a fact of life for men and very common as men get older. For most men, it’s not a question of ‘if’ but a question of ‘when’. Symptoms of erectile dysfunction start appearing for most men in their early 40’s. The three key symptoms are: inability to maintain an erection, a reduction... Read More

Signs and Symptoms Of Erectile Dysfunction

According to the latest medical study, erectile dysfunction will effect 50% of men over the age of 45. Erectile dysfunction is not something immediate, it is a gradual decline in a man’s ability to get and or maintain an erection. The signs and symptoms are as follows: Stage One: Loss Of Firmness Can start as... Read More