Why Can’t My Regular Doctor Help Me With My Erectile Dysfunction?

This is a common question in the clinic. “How can you help me, when my family physician of 30 years or my urologist has been unsuccessful.”

It’s a fair question, but think of this in terms of a restaurant. There are fast food, full service and specialty restaurants. Some restaurants specialize in Mexican or Italian, others, in steaks or seafood.

Medical care is no different. If you needed heart surgery, who would you go see? A doctor who does it once a year? Or a doctor who does it every day all day.

Solving your Erectile Dysfunction is no different. Over 60% of the men who take Viagra/Cialis see little to no results. For many Doctors this is their only solution. The key is to find a Doctor who specializes in men’s sexual health. Who knows just the right medications to use to solve your E.D.

Because a Doctor is so specialized, in men’s sexual health, it gives them a deeper knowledge and understanding of the different issues men face.

Even a Urologist isn’t a specialist in erectile dysfunction. They have knowledge, but they focus more on solving prostate issues. Not focused on solving E.D.

The bottom line, find a doctor who specializes in men’s sexual health. There is a gap in our medical care and a Doctor who really wants to help men solve their E.D. is the best solution. Other doctors are more interested in surgical treatment. There has to be someone in between that can help men, who can give them back their erection but avoid surgery.

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